Who to Follow on Twitter: A Guide for $XERS

Twitter is a one of the best ways for sharing and acquiring information, and it’s how some of the members here began their Due Diligence journey before investing in Xeris Pharmacetucials ($XERS).  The XerisDD Community will be ever-evolving and we will always believe that Twitter is a great forum to discuss this company. 

While we build out the information on XerisDD.com (and after), we would recommend following the below Twitter accounts for supplemental info regarding Xeris Pharmaceuticals. Some of these Twitter accounts will also be answering Q&A on here, as well as providing future blog posts!

In no particular order:











*Please exercise your own Due Diligence when determining your own Investments.  We here at XerisDD.com, and these above mentioned accounts, are not financial advisors, and are definitely not YOUR financial advisor.*

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