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How far does the current $XERS cash runway bring us to?

Xeris Biopharma would turn Cashflow positive EOY 2022 according to RBC (profitable != cashflow positive). $XERS currently burns ~$25M per quarter and has ~$135M as of 3/31/2021. Assuming a constant rate, we would have another 12 month until June 2022.  Xeris must maintain a certain liquidity level though – shortening the runway. The moment Gvoke…

What are peak sales of Gvoke?

Current 2025E from RBC is $257M. Source: If the current $350M market grows by 20% CAGR until then Xeris market share would be ~30%.

How far does the current $XERS cash runway bring us to?

According to the last 10-Q “…the Company believes its cash resources are sufficient to sustain operations and capital expenditure requirements for at least the next 12 months.” With the possible merger of Strongbridge and Xeris, I have not had a chance to look at the cash burn rate of Stongbridge and Xeris combined along with…

What is the Borrow Rate for $XERS?

@csonnier How does a high borrow rate affects stock ? Is 15% considered high ? I’m new to this stock. Your DD made me invest here.

What is the Borrow Rate for $XERS?

The borrow rates changes daily and even intraday. The latest report from iBorrowDesk as the borrow rate at 15.2%. To keep up with the borrow rates throughout the trading day here is a link to iBorrowDesk.

What is expected revenue in 2021 and 2022?

According to Yahoo! Finanace: 2021 – Avg Estimate: 47.49M 2022 – Avg Estimate: 115.62M

What company or companies is Xeris working with regarding Monoclonal Antibodies?

There haven’t been any company names disclosed due to NDAs, but according to Xeris April 2021 corporate presentation there are: • 3 active projects with Top 10 pharma companies • Multiple additional projects under discussion with both large pharma and specialized biotech

Is there really a chance for a Short Squeeze with $XERS?

With the a large Short Interest % of Float, 32.47% (as of June 4th), there is definitely potential for a short squeeze. Over the last few trading days daily volume has increased greatly and stock price has increased 37% over the last 4 trading days, which is a very good sign.